Christie's International Luxury Real Estate/NAN Properties

P.O. Box 34
Round Top, TX 78954

With an illustrious career spanning over a decade, Andrea Schutter-Riebeling stands as an embodiment of expertise in the real estate industry. A Residential and Commercial realtor, Andrea's focus is predominantly in the counties of Round Top, Fayette, Colorado, Washington, Lee, Austin, Waller, Katy, Brookshire, and essentially, everywhere her clients' aspirations take her.

Notably a Native Houstonian and a proud alumna of Waltrip High School, Andrea's journey in real estate is a reflection of her diverse and vibrant experiences. An artist at heart, she embarked on a 30-year-long journey as a Professional Hair and Makeup artist for the cinematic world. Her award-winning stints with renowned movie stars, TV commercials, magazines, and more, made her a revered figure in the New York 706 I.A.T.S.E union. But destiny had its designs, leading her to the heart of Texas - Round Top, often termed the 'Aspen of Texas'.

Making a transition from the world of art and glamour to real estate might seem unconventional to most, but for Andrea, it was seamless. The deep-rooted love for color, design, and architecture she cultivated while studying Interior Design effortlessly blended with her innate ability to understand and connect with people. Today, Andrea's real estate portfolio boasts expertise in Ranch, Farm land, Cottages, and commercial antique venues. From luxury ranches to intricate details of soil, trees, oil, and gas, Andrea's comprehension is unparalleled.