Patagonia, Chubut, Argentina - Chubut 99999, Argentina County

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3,000.00 Acres
Pond, Live Creek, Seasonal Creek
Partially Wooded, Rolling

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3000 ac in Choilla, Chubut province, Patagonia Argentina

Additional Information

This 3000 acres of unspoiled mountian beauty is located near the border of two Provinces in Argentina; the province of Chubut and Rio Negro. It is located just one mile from the small village of Cholila where there are many lakes and cold water streams and rivers for fishing. It is 86 miles from the city of Esquel, one of the largest cities in the Chubut province and only 45 miles from the city of El Bolson in the province of Rio Negro.
The ranch has a wonderful view of Lake Pellegrini with native grasses to support either beef production or goats/sheep. Several small streams run through this 3000 acres with large cypress trees and other hard woods scattered throughout. With several impoundments of water and the streams this property supports all kinds of wildlife for viewing or hunting.
Since seasons are reversed in Argengtina this is an excellet place to spend our winter and their summer. Summers are 73F/44F and winters 46F/30F. Located Lat(DMS) 42deg 31min 0 S and Lon(DMS) 71 deg 27 min 0W, alt 1840 Ft.

Description of ElBolson in the Rio Negro Provience
This small village is located in the southwest of the province of Ro Negro, right in the angle formed by the Andes Mountain Range and the 42th parallel (provincial border with Chubut). It is embedded in a picturesque and colourful mountain valley that ends up in the Puelo lake.
Among sierras, wearing a simple aspect, its building style- mostly made of stone with cypress tiled roofs, greatly impress the tourist in a countryside and wooded mountains frame where the streams and falls originated by the high mountains' thaw do not fail to exist, turning this place into a paradisiacal landscape filled with fresh aromas.
El Bolsn currently lodges the descendants of the different original groups which, coming from the most faraway corners of the world have laid the foundations of an active agricultural and cattle breeding community devoted to the intensive growing of hops- it is a vegetal species that gives flavour to beer and generates an important economic profit to the region. This has promoted the annual celebration of the National Hops Festivity that takes place in the month of February.
The production of goat and sheep milk and its derivatives, are other activities that promote the progress of El Bolsn.
There are also artisans that work with wood and others that imposed the organic agriculture. This type of agriculturalists, favoured by the benign microclimate of the region, are devoted to the growing of fine fruits without the use of pesticides and agrochemicals. This quality has turned the strawberries, raspberries, and the sweet marmalades of the region into quite required products by the local and international markets.
All this production makes the gastronomy of the zone stand out for being very healthy.
The city posseses hotels and cabins of good quality, appart from offering the possibility of taking lodging in country establishments seeing and taking part in the country activities.
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